About us


Draviastudio is a team of passionate CGI artists with the goal of making the Opensource Blender and Luxcorerenderer tools more accessible.
Our area of ​​predilection is architectural visualization. And in this field realism is king. That’s why we support the Luxcore rendering engine. Making a realistic image requires a lot of time and experience. In the real world a designer will create a plan and moods for each part of his project. to realize the project no need to reinvent the wheel the designer will choose the necessary material in the wide range of shop and manufracturer of all kinds. Take a lamp here some curtains from Mr. X’s and the work is done.  

And if it was so easy for you? Better and if it did not cost you nothing more than a coffee … Better yet, and if it allowed you to render your images faster and easier?

This is the purpose of Draviastudio to provide you with a ready-to-use 3D object library and the opportunity to participate directly in the development of the powerful Luxcore render Engine. Indeed some of the income of Draviastudio is used to support the hard work of the Luxcore developer team via bountysource. We hope your inspiration will be greatly stimulated with Draviastudio.

good blend to everyone.

Draviastudio Team!